Defenders in the modern game have more roles. We are watching the likes of Van Dijk breaking into the opponents’ areas outnumbering and using the spaces ahead. And whenever needed, becoming a striker! However, defenders still have to master their own roles before progressing into more offensive and assistive roles. In the following drills, some examples might help in that.

In this drill, full backs work to send the attacking players wide. While the centre backs press and mark the forwards in the middle. If the full back successfully takes the ball, he must run the finish line before sending the ball back to the coach at his side. If not, when the wave is finished, the center backs help in build up, then they send the ball to the full back whom the ball was at his side, and run to the finish line under pressure before passing the ball to the coach. Transition starts again in few seconds. Defenders recover back to their positions and game starts again targeting the other side.



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